Immobilizers have a radio frequency transmitter that goes on your keychain. The sensor that is in the dashboard or somewhere near the ignition detects the unique frequency of the transmitter in order to allow the car to run.

Aftermarket immobilizers come in all different styles. Generally speaking, it depends entirely on the specific cars specifications in terms of fuel delivery system and ignition system to determine how to immobilize the car.

Immobilizer Feature:

For example, a car with an electronically powered fuel pump can be easily immobilized if the power relay to the fuel pumps operation is intervened from the immobilizer system. A fuel injected car with an immobilizer circuit would typically disable the fuel pump, fuel injection control, as well as the ignition circuit. A car that is carbureted on the other hand, likely uses a mechanical fuel pump from stock, and therefore you cannot prevent fuel flow directly without the use of solenoids in between fuel lines to stop flow physically. A carbureted car with a mechanical fuel pump would likely only have the ignition circuit disabled in the event of immobilization.

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